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Oasis Swim School 2014 - BIG POOL


Click on the relevant day(s) and time(s) your child\ren actually attended swim school during photo week, including any make up classes. 

If you do not see your child, please contact Jodi - or 0421710744. 

 MONDAY 17th March
 4 PM  4.30 PM 5 PM  5.30 PM
6 PM  
 TUESDAY 18th March 4 PM  4.30 PM 5 PM 5.30 PM  6 PM 6.30 PM
 WEDNESDAY 19th March 4 PM  4.30 PM 5 PM  5.30 PM  6 PM 6.30 PM
 THURSDAY 20th March4 PM
 4.30 PM  5 PM 5.30 PM
 6 PM  
 FRIDAY 21st March  Fitness Squad
All classes 3.30-7.00PM
 SATURDAY 22nd March 9 AM  9.30 AM  10 AM  10.30 AM 11 AM
11.30 AM

Information on price and ordering....

1. Why don't I see a photo of my child?  Underwater photography is tricky business, some of the reasons could be.....
  • the lighting changed dramatically and the result was an over\under exposed photo.
  • I looked way too scary and your child didn't want a photo.
  • I was rolling around like a walrus and lost focus.
  • the teacher was not confident in your child's ability as they are new to the class.
  • too many bubbles, too many background distractions, hair in face, closed eyes, hand over face......
  • or we ran out of time.

For this we apologise and hope to make it up to you next time.

2. Order by this Friday 18th April.  Completed orders can be collected from Oasis Swim School reception from Thursday 24th April.

4. All photos will be edited and colour corrected to get optimum print quality and may differ slightly to what you see on the computer screen.  Any background legs or bodies will be removed.  Some cropping may also occur.                           


Below are 5x7 print prices.  Please click on Full price list to view other specials including Digital Negatives.

1 5x7” (A5) photo - $15.00

2 5x7” photos - $27.00

3 5x7” photos - $36.00

4 5x7” photos - $44.00

5 5x7” photos - $50.00


Email the gallery name, photo number, and details of your order to or you can contact Jodi on 0421 710744.

You have 2 weeks to place an order. Orders are due by Friday 18th April. 


**Payment is required after confirmation of your order***

A) Direct debit into the following Commonwealth bank account (this is internet only account, please contact Jodi for alternative).

    Please provide your surname as reference.

    Name: Jodi Stevenson | BSB: 063133 | Account #: 10961728 

B) Credit Card (via Paypal). Please note a $2.00 fee applies. Please advise Jodi and I will email you a Paypal link for instructions.

C) Payment plans are available (for orders over $150.00). 10% of the total cost required as a deposit. Goods will not be delivered until final payment is made.