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Wedding, family and underwater photographer

Information for Swim Schools


Jodi and her team have a love of photography, children and the water.  Jodi has been a professional water sports photographer for the past 6 years (  She has been published in many National and Internationals magazines and newspapers.  Her passion for the water led her to take the next level and go under the deep blue.

Over the same period of time Jodi was running a busy family portrait business and it soon became a no brainer to mesh the two together.  

Jy is a trainee in the business and is into surf photography.  He is often seen out in the ocean diving under waves.  He is keen to expand his underwater skills and occasionally joins me on a swim school job.

We are all about having fun, positive water association and keeping SAFE.


We create fantastic underwater photographs of children learning to swim!! We work closely with our swim school partners to fully understand each school's unique curriculum, so that we can appropriately and effectively incorporate underwater photography into each child's lesson.

Our aim is that we will spend a little time with each child or child\parent in their usual swim class during photo week, while allowing you to continue your normal program.


Our photographer will be in the water whilst you conduct your swim class. We ask that each child (willing and able) complete 1-2 submerges during class. After that, we will take photos only when the opportunity arises to make sure your sessions are interrupted as little as possible.

Our goal is to create a fun and positive memory of each child's swim lesson experience, with as little disruption as possible to their learning environment.


There is NO cost to participating swim schools. Prices for parents who wish to purchase photos start at $15.00 with many packages and discounts available.


For Swim Schools wishing to partner with us, you will find us very easy to work with.

  • We provide promotional materials such as posters.
  • Parent information packs are also provided. Parents can collect their information pack from you during swim school hours.
  • We take over all correspondence with parents including photo viewing, order and payment, which greatly minimises administration for your team. 
  • We simply deliver the packages of beautiful photos back to you for collection once the order period has closed. (alternatively we can arrange a postage option).


As a thankyou for booking Jodi Stevenson Photography, you will receive a pack containing digital files to use on your website and other promotional material and\or bright coloured posters to put in your area.

 For more information or to book please email Jodi at or call 0421 710 744.