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Jodi Stevenson photography specializes in unique underwater Portrait Photography of babies, children and families. This is
a unique form of photography ideal for swim school programs or private family photo sessions.


Family Photo Sessions

We believe capturing the magical moment of your baby\child swimming underwater is something special. 

We guarantee your underwater photos will be the highlight of your family album.

Our underwater portraits are taken in regular swimming pools (or your own). Being a strong swimmer is not necessary, only a willingness to get your hair wet and the ability to have fun!  As long as you and\or your children enjoy being in the water and feel comfortable putting his or her head under, we have something to work with.

It is recommended that small children have had some form of swim instruction, and we will gladly recommend a local swim school if they have not. It is highly recommended that infants have been exposed to the water through some form of organized class prior to a shoot, and we are happy to even work it out with your swim school so that we can use their instructor and/or facility for our shoot.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Your babies and kids love being in the water, they have had swimming lessons and they are used to submersion?

This is made for you. We follow the same steps as recognized swim schools. We will use the same songs and trigger words your child is familiar with and used to before submersion. We only need 1 to 2 seconds. You will be amazed how they smile under water.  Any other family members are welcome to join in for a family portrait.

We are all about having fun, positive water association and keeping SAFE.

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